Anne Euler makes her appearance in an ordinary square in Guadalupe, grouping passers-by according to a criterion of chromatic unification. Doing so, the author tries to make a heterogeneous crowd homogeneous again. The Gestalt psychology – especially Wertheimer– supported the idea of the lack of correspondence between the empirical reality and the reality that each of us perceives; in the same way, the German photographer asks: “how do we see the world?”. 
We observe and judge the world around us way too often through superficial impressions, which surely play a central role in our visual perceptions, but say almost nothing about the individuals’ identity. On one hand, the various elements of the world are identified in a uniform mass; on the other hand the observer has to think about it and put into question his perceptive illusions. Hence, Grouping is homologating what we see in order to criticise the process of depersonalisation, in which everything is stereotyped and the different, deepest identities are forgotten and lost.
Text by Elena Carluccio
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